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Our dive center is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The island of Santa Maria is the most southeastern island of the Azores archipelago, known as the “sunny island” where the mild climate offers the highest temperatures in the region.

The location of Santa Maria island provides excellent conditions for diving as it offers nice weather and magnificent underwater visibility – between 20 to 40 meters – which couples with the easy access to the marine reserves of “Formigas Islets” and Dollabarat reef considered by many divers as the best dive sites in Europe.

The ideal time for diving in the region is between May and October, when the key factors come together: good surface temperatures (average 26ºc) and sea temperature at around 22ºC, low rainfall, weak winds and the arrival of more pelagic species, especially the manta rays and whale sharks.

In addition to guided diving trips, we also offer boat trips around Santa Maria Island, which reveal the amazing beaches of clear sand – unique in the Azores – and the bays with natural pools and the only known fossils in the archipelago. During these boat trips around the island is very common the observation of cetaceans, turtles and seabirds.


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